Hello there! Welcome to my Food drills.

I’m Razia Abdul Aziz Nadaf, from the childhood I had this passion for food. I loved trying out new recipes, experimenting in my own ways adding that little touch of me. Now I am here sharing my views on food and life. I believe food is the way to happiness and a  hard day can be made a happier one with good food. In this blog we talk about different cuisines around the world. Also we all know that eating healthy is a way to healthy life. But due to our busy lives we have no much time to develop this habit in our daily routine. Its ironic that they say when concentrating on the healthier part the taste of the food is compromised, at Food Drills you will find this covered where healthier food is delicious too. So here I share recipes which are tastier and healthier too. I hope this blog can to make a small difference in your life. As they say “Its never too early or too late to work on being the healthiest YOU”.

What will you find on Food Drills?

  • Authentic recipes from India
  • Inspired  recipes from all over the world.
  • Step by step pictorials to help you have an idea of how the dish is supposed to look.
  • Each recipe post also has a “Printable recipe” option. In case you decide to cook a recipe, you can print it out and carry with you to the kitchen!
  • Reviews of books & products I use and like.

Keeping in touch

I love hearing from you all. Your emails and comments on the Blog posts & social media sites make me smile and motivate me to do better every day. I’d love to keep in touch with you and get your feedback. 

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I hope you find the recipes easy to cook and delicious to eat. If you test out a recipe, let me know!
I’d love to share your food pictures with the rest of us.